Meet David Welliver, and learn the story of how he created the Six Kingdoms and the Walker Chronicles


Licensed artwork for The Walker Chronicles

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Discover The Six Kingdoms and meet the Walkers

The People of The Walker Chronicles

The Kingdom of Dor

The Southernmost land in the Six Kingdoms, Dor is the setting for Book 1, The Children of the SunGoverned by a ruling body of three lords, called the Trident, Dor is a nation of fair-minded and honorable people.  Also home to the Druids, Dragonlings and the Dragon Guild, Dor is propelled into war, and must survive an invasion from the north by the war-like Traylar.

The Walker Chronicles

The Dark Brotherhood

A league of dark Druids, the brotherhood seeks to become the ultimate power in the Six Kingdoms.  Through alliances, deception and dark magic, the brotherhood will stop at nothing to ensure their control over the people of Dor and all the Six Kingdoms.

The Author


The Books

Children of the Sun

Book 1 of The Walker Chronicles by David Welliver

Children of the Sky

Book 2 of The Walker Chronicles  (Coming in September 2014)

The Walkers

An unlikely chain of events transports Dan Walker and his family to a strange new world filled with Dragons, Druids and Knights.  Along with Dan came his home, business and several thousand acres of Oklahoma Prairie.  The Walkers must learn to adapt to their new surroundings and to manage their emerging and powerful abilities! 

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