The Walker Chronicles

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The Books

Children of the Sun:  Vol 1 of The Walker Chronicles.  Available in paperback and for Kindle on

Children of the Sky:  Vol 2 of The Walker Chronicles.  Available in paperback and for Kindle on  

Prisoner of Kar:  Coming in Summer 2019

Walker Extended Family

Darin Green: brother-in-law; married to Cara's sister Jolene; Retired Air Force.

Jolene Green:  Cara's sister; Dragonling Joot.

Matt Green:  Darin and Jolene's oldest child. 

Val Nellis:  Cara and Jolene's mother; Dragonling Trish.

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The Walkers

Dan Walker:  Patriarch of the family.  Retired Air Force Security Specialist. 

Cara Walker:  Dan's wife; Druid of the Earth.

Casey Grimes:  Dan and Cara's oldest daughter; married to Joel Grimes and mother to Maycin, Felicity and Amber.  Dragonling companion Poe.

Joel Grimes:  Casey's husband; Dragonling companion Puck.

Meagan Walker:  Dan and Cara's younger daughter; Dragonling trainer and Journeyman in the Dragon Guild. Boyfriend Steve.

Ryan Walker:  Dan and Cara's son; expert with the sniper rifle.

Garrett Walker:  Dan's younger brother; father of Liz (Dragonling Bo)  and Nate; retired Army NCO. Dragonling Kell

Nate Walker:  Garrett's son.

Liz Walker, Garrett's oldest daughter.

James Walker:  Dan and Garrett's youngest brother, married to Lacy Walker and father of James Jr., Chet and Natalie. Retired Navy Petty Officer.

Jan Walker:  Dan's sister, Druid of the Beast; Companion Hill Cat Thunder;  Fianc√© Ben Durham. 

Nick Walker:  Dan's nephew; former Army Scout. Twin brother Carl.

Carl Walker:  Dan's nephew, former Army logistics specialist.  Twin brother Nick.

The People of the Six Kingdoms

Dor:  Southernmost kingdom and home to the Dragon Guild and the Druids of the Earth.  Main cities are Northwatch, Westfall and Southkeep.  Lords William, Cain and Pendar form the governing body of the kingdom. 

Hornburg:  Middle kingdom, Capital city is Tabora.  Home to The twin peaks fortress named "The Brothers", one of the three Aeries of the Kolarie, also known as The People of the Sky.

Kandir:  Home of the great wood and the Druids of the Beast. 

Dragon Waste:  Home to much of the dragon population of the Six Kingdoms.  Home to one of the three Kolarie Aeries.  Home to the Traylar, a fierce humanoid dragon-like species. 

Kahdreen:  Island to the northeast of the Six Kingdoms.  Home to the Dark Brotherhood, also known as Dragon Masters or Dark Druids. 

Tryce:  Island nation east of Dor.  Home to a warlike people who make their livelihood raiding.